Sept 4th – ‘Sahara Live @ The Malthouse Concert’ – 15 years ago this day!

‘Sahara Live @ The Malthouse’


Sahara on ‘The Independent Music Show’ OPF Radio

Sahara track ‘Has it ever been any different before’ on OPF Radio ‘The Independent Music Show’ with Tom Lambert Sat 9th Nov 2-3pm (UK Time)

Update for Sahara’s new album…

We’re nearly finished stage one of mixing our new album…..the track we’re working on now is the longest one – just over 7 minutes. It’s a rock song about the environment – we haven’t listened to it since recording the live work months back and thought it was a much bigger arrangement than it is. Surprisingly it’s quite sparse in comparison to our other tracks, but it has such a full sound it seems to be an aural illusion. Image